Nicky Hamlyn has been a prolific artist filmmaker for over thirty years and the author of Film Art Phenomena (BFI, 2003), amongst numerous other writings. Working predominantly with film throughout his career, Hamlyn’s recent video work consists of a number of sketches and studies made on a mobile phone and digital cameras. Many of these examine spontaneously occurring Moire patterns and attempt to creatively exploit the characteristics and limitations of the medium in its encounter with complex mobile subjects.

Spinning Shadow
Filmed on a beach at Salin de Giraud in the Camargue. 
The work is inspired by Roy Sorensen's philosophical 
study of shadows and holes: Seeing Dark Things.

                     A three-part study of movie posters in the subway of 
                     Jaures metro station in Paris.

                     First in an ongoing series of video works exploring 
                     spontaneously occurring moire patterns. Shot in a 
                     garden in north west Umbria.