xviix aims to create dialogues between, raise awareness to, and provide community support for creative and experimental practitioners through online programming. We try to focus on low-cost and accessible approaches to making and sharing creative video content made possible through available video devices and online connectivity. We hope to question the prevailing aesthetics of canonical, commercial and/or conservative practices by raising awareness to alternative methods emerging in online video culture. Within these programmes we are committed to actively working to address and maintain diversity in terms of race, gender, sexuality, ability, income and geographic location.

New programmes are launched as and when they are ready, with no periodical structure, and remain archived on the site. xviix is currently programmed by Amy Dickson and Jamie Jenkinson, who for the purposes of transparency, are a white cis couple, which we aim to recognise and address our privilege as such. The site and its programmers do not currently receive any funding, though we are working towards a model that aims to support practitioners who make their creative practices available online. We are constantly looking for new videos to programme, so if your work is available online and you would like to be included in a programme, please let us known at: contact.xviix@gmail.com