xviix was started in 2014 to raise awareness to experimental video works made available online by their makers, though were otherwise lost in the ether. After some hiatus, in April 2020, the site was relaunched by Amy Dickson and Jamie Jenkinson with a focus in programming as a way to open dialogues and create a context around online video. The aim is to raise awareness and support practitioners that are making their practice available to a wider audience, while compromising the ability to premier with festivals and galleries. We also want to question the privileging of where art can be experienced, be it a cinema, gallery, television, or smartphone. We do not receive any funding for this site, and have no periodical structure, and programmes are released as and when they are ready.

The site is a reworked Blogger, and the full (though messy) html code for this reduced template is available here.

If you are making your work available online, and would like to be considered for a programme please contact us both at:

@xviix169 on Instagram