Amy Dickson is a London based artist working with film, video and performance. A founding member of collective-iz, Dickson programs and curates screenings exploring experimental film and video, expanded cinema, and performance. Light is the initial theme of Dickson’s work. She plays with ideas of light as a tangible substance through her paracinema performances using light and thermochromic inks, and regularly produces video ‘sketches’ of light interacting with objects, and her mobile phone cameras inability to capture the same optical event.

In her single screen videos Dickson plays the role of performer as well as camera operator. Her playfully choreographed movements of the frame become as equally dominant as the image, with her reflection, shadow, and body glimpsing to the works production. Her ‘wandering’ movements visually describe the space, shifting between interest and intrigue, revealing personality and choice. The act of Dickson recording with her mobile phone consciously accompanies the image, allowing the works to be seen as documentation of Dickson observing, as well as the observation itself.

Dickson studied Textiles BA at Central St Martins, London, and Visual Communication MA at the Royal College of Art, London. Her work has been written about by writers such as A.L. Rees and Nicky Hamlyn, and exhibits across London and internationally. 

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W11, 2013

Closing Down Sale, Dalston, 2014

Hannah's Room, 2013