Karolina Raczynski & Deniz Öner (Johns)

London Walks 2010-2012 is an experimental documentary depicting three walks carried out in specific events and locations around London: a student protest against education cuts and tuition fees, the Jubilee celebrations on the River Thames and the Olympic Park during the games in East London Stratford. In retrospect, the last two had major coverage on TV while the first one had very little.

Karolina and Deniz began their collaboration during their studies at the Royal College of Art when the Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition began implementing their 'austerity measures'. They found themselves united in feelings against these policies and decided to carry a white board to these events as a way to record and question these measures and the accessibility and inaccessibility of the viewer / participant in these events. The white board reflects what is behind the camera whilst partially revealing what is behind the screen. 

The process of filmmaking is essentially deciding what to make visible. Everything that is visible on our screens goes through this decision-making process. In the western world of ‘freedom’ and endless communication tools we are made to believe we can see anything; but is everything really accessible / visible? London Walks subtly tries to emphasise what is behind the screen and the camera, and allures the viewer to look exactly there. The viewer therefore takes part in the game of concealing and revealing.

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Walk No.1: "Fight, fight, fight back!" 3' 
(Student Protest) 2010

Walk No.2: "One pound your souvenir flags, only a pound!" 5'55''
(Jubilee Celebrations) 2012

Walk No.3: "Without a ticket you will not be allowed in!" 3'10"
(Olympic Park, Stratford) 2012