Video 1. The Smallest Tweet, Hong Kong, 00:45, 2014 *
A video from and for Hong Kong, filmed in Mong Kok in June 2014.

Video 2. Election/Coverage, Nairobi, Kenya, 01:01, 2013 **
An experimental observational one minute video whereby the acceleration of miles per hour in the artist's vehicle and frames per second of the video footage converge into a zoetrope like study of the 2013 presidential campaigns in Nairobi Kenya.

Video 3. The Scale of Things, Macau, 00:24, 2014 *
A certain perspective observed from a hotel room in Macau in June 2014.

*Filmed as an outcome of Transnational Dialogues 2014 by European Alternatives, participation funded by Arts Council and British Council Artists International Development Fund. 
Currently exhibited at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art as part of the solo exhibition 'A Tiger's Skin' (18 December 2014 - 22nd March 2015).

**Filmed as an outcome of Gasworks Gallery and Triangle Network residency at Kuona Trust Arts Centre  2013.