Tariq Emam

turn up your speakers
please scroll


I've come to find you


I've been following
all the footsteps

traces left on
magnetic tape

all i've found

are these holes in the ground

please scroll

After circumnavigating Wensleydale        |        following the traces of audio tape        |        it became apparent that        |        beneath the pastoral fabric that 
ten times in a single day                                     left behind 40 years ago                          there is something hidden                     veils the limestone fells.

Sermer Water, Lunds, Castle Bolton, Jervaulx Abbey

and all in between
along the River Ure

within the valley of 


pause for a minute or so, then scroll

It’s billions of years in the making
infinitesimal to the eye

There's one thing about investigating changes

within this virtually 

man-made environment, 

a national park no less,

and that is, 

it's not meant to change.