Field Work, video, 2020, Laura Copsey

Aligning, 16mm, 2012, Jenny Baines

I|Sea|Land, Sony Xperia Z5, Face In Picture app, Dover, UK, 21/08/17, Amy Dickson (Programmer)

Settlement, video, 2018, Steven Ball

Excursion, video screen recording, 2020, Lottie Brzozowski

Inferior Mirage, Digital video and 16mm film scan, 2018, Laura Hindmarsh

Trees in Winter, Digital video, 2018, John Woodman

Walk in the Park, Video, 2011, Lucy Vann

Landscape Video, Video, 2018, Jack Wormell

Szukaj, video, 1992, Józef Robakowski

The Foundists, Super 8, 2012, Laura Copsey

Klipperty Klöp, Super 8, 1984, Andrew Kötting

Walking Around, Running Up, Pausing, Freezing, Shepard Story, Emerald City, Phil in the Fog, iPhone 7 plus, 17/11/19, Jamie Jenkinson (programmer)