The Bic Experience:
Morecambe Highlights

Nat Kochan 

The Bic Experience is an ongoing video project of Nat Kochan. All recorded on a Bic branded mobile phone, Nat utilises the unclear, blurred, and wobbly image of its low-fi video camera to imbue his lived experiences with an impressionist aura. This selection of videos are from a year spent in Morecambe, England.

seafont, 2021, video

The width of the bay, 2022, video

Michael of Morecambe, 2022, video

Good studio session, 2022, video

flower, 2022, video

Bay birds and fishermen working, 2021, video

Exhibition for **** wild swimmers hosted by A Padgett on the Induna Kunst Boot, 2022, video

John of the Morecambe Bay pigeons, 2022, video

Townies in the wind ft Michael Jackson of Morecambe, 2022, video

Working out class, 2022, video

In my room again, 2021, video

The spinners on the ride at Blackpool, 2022, video

Blackpool dancehall a man alone, 2022, video

Blackpool Tango, 2022, video

Sometimes at Carnforth, 2022, video

Sunset on the bay, 2021, video

This programme is paired with Nat's exhibition Work Serious Exercise at Jewellers in Morecambe's Arndale Centre, more info here.