Hello, 2020

Front Facing, 2019

I went on a walk
Tracked it on Strava
It's a bit mysterious
The position of it seems to have been of importance

Jeff, 2022

Clouds, Planes, 2022

I was looking in a charity shop window
Strange stirrings from 2020

Afternoon Observations, 2020

I saw my reflection
I had a new haircut
I found a yellow bag attached to a blue top
I found an iridescent rucksack
I spend most of the week doing things that don't relate to who I think I am

Tesco Sacrifice, 2023

Do you like Wordle?
Do you do it everyday?

I Won’t Let You Down, 2022

I read a sad chapter in a book
I resist screens
Eating nuts out of boredom
Pick cashew nuts out from hazelnuts

Something in Red, 2022

It takes a while finding find the right toilet cubicle
The right bus seat
The right seat on a tram
Is a tea bag splitting a bad omen?
Is hair gathering on the back of my left thigh in the shower a sign?

Dana Scully Typing Impressions, 2022

Out of interest I note down the time the automated light goes out in the office
See how long I have not been moving
I send people text messages from my place of value
I get someone else to do it

Afternoon Layers, 2022

Moon Tickle, 2022

I like running
Went for a 20 minute run in the evening
Tried filming a remote-control car
An ice cream van playing 'Strangers in the Night'
A video of a cat on the neighbour’s fence

I Want to Believe, 2022

I Want to Believe (again), 2022

Slowly zooming in and becoming more sinister
A romantic backing track with a normal speaking voice

What Brought Me Joy on Friday 2nd April 2021, 2021

I got the things in my fridge in order
I like putting things in order
Making things fit

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, 2019

Lucy Vann grew up in Sheffield, where she still lives and works. Her practice encompasses video, writing, sound and performance. Lucy’s impromptu videos, captured primarily on an iPhone, riff on the everyday and form a visual diary. Here the screen-based device offers a comedic portal to communicate work/home life mundanity, outdoor observations and uncanny interruptions. Some videos extend to more choreographed performances of self, or cameos of characters from TV shows such as The X Files and Twin Peaks. References are made to pop music videos – edited with layering, zooming and slow motion, drawing focus to and emphasising emotional moments in daily life.