collective-iz: Home Movie 

collective-iz presents a selection of works by artist video and filmmakers who have turned their cameras to observe and document their domestic lives with a particular focus on families. As the line between personal and public becomes blurred we are privy to domestic spaces and habits, rituals, inner-communities, parenthood, ageing, the passage of time, and the shifting dynamics within all these relationships.

A catalyst and driving-force for the amateur or professional at home; technology and the methods applied by the film-makers offer different degrees of intention and agency, allowing a variety of relational dynamics to manifest within the sometimes complicated, fraught and intimate space. Informed by the possibilities and limitations of the apparatuses, this programme features impromptu exchanges captured on mobile phones, works on 16mm film in which the camera creates a performative space, found footage where individual experience merges with a collective mass and treated super 8 films.

The idea for this screening emerged from our ongoing conversations on work that we were making or wanted to make about our own families, thoughts on the ‘home movie’, and its significance within and to experimental filmmaking. This screening was proposed to happen as a physical event prior to the lockdown, and despite the impossibility of sharing all the works online in their original format, we nonetheless felt that it was pertinent to make a digital version of this selection available to view now and at home.

Occasional Pieces, video, 2014-, Simon Payne

Mum, iPhone 7 plus, 29/12/17, Jamie Jenkinson

Misty, Sony Xperia XZ2 (II),18/08/2019, 2019, Amy Dickson
featured in Brittany 19

Your Nappies, digital video, 2018, Mary Stark

Mummy's Milk, home transfer to digital video of silent super 8mm treated with breast milk, 2019, Mary Stark

Mummy’s Ink/Menstrual Cycle, 16mm film with optical sound transferred to digital video, 2019, Mary Stark

Piano Practice, colour 16mm film, 2K digital transfer, sound, 2020, Maria Anastassiou

Dad's Diary, video, 2009/2017, Erica Scourti
link to text by Gabrielle Schwarz

Everything Everything will be Alright Alright, VHS video, 2012, Chris Michael

Que Sera Sera, colour super 16mm film, 2K digital transfer, sound, 2020, Alexandros Pissourios

collective-iz: Founded by artist filmmakers Maria Anastassiou, Amy Dickson, Deniz Johns and Karolina Raczynski in 2012, collective-iz have been producing artist-led expanded and immersive cinema events in which a range of technologies and projection methodologies co-exist; from 16mm film projections and live-streamed video performances to para-cinematic works.