Flowing on from Nick Collins' Mimente, this programme ponders the umbrella theme of water, rivers, oceans, streams. Each caught in the internet, this ripple of waterworks also reflects the ebb and flow of media-fluidity and waves of distillation, pooled here from various sources and concentrations of practice.

“I don’t know why you make such a fuss about going on holiday”, Instagram Post, 2020 Paul Simon Richards

To Have and to Hold, 2011, Karolina Raczynski

Psyched to cut my hair, Instagram Post, 2020, Alex Culshaw

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Tadpole time, Instagram Post, 2020, Nina Pope

Against the Tide, 16mm film clip, 2009, Jenny Baines

Flying to Nowhere, video, 2018, Matthew Lancit

Sea, HD video, 2011, Gareth Polmeer

Porthleven, Cornish Knitting Pattern series, video, 2014, Jennifer Nightingale

St Ives: background slip-stitch, Cornish Knitting Pattern series, 16mm, 2016, Jennifer Nightingale

Ward’s Pond, 16mm, 2009, Mariya Nikiforova

Water, HD video, 2020, Laura Copsey

Rockpool, HD video, 2018, John Woodman

Costal with Ciara, iPhone 7 Plus, 09/02/20, Jamie Jenkinson (programmer)

Feature, Sony Xperia Z5, 31/03/18, Amy Dickson (programmer)